Monday, April 5, 2010

Worldwide Pillow Fight Boston 2010

On Saturday, I traveled with my friend Adam to the worldwide pillow fight event taking place at the Cambridge commons. I shot the above footage using Adam's HD flip camera, but Adam did the actual creative work and edited it all together in the above video.

Awesome work, Adam!


SuiginChou said...

It's great to see people enjoying life. But the cynic in me piped up halfway through the video, spitting "These people play pillow-fight while children are being blown to bits in Afghanistan, Gaza, and Iraq." I dunno. The :D in me says, "If bin Laden could see this, he'd realize we're not so bad." The >( in me says, "No: if bin Laden saw this, it'd only enrage him further."

For one day, at least, hush, Cynic! ;p Glad to see you had fun. Glad to see people our age not ashamed to act like children. Glad to see that a desire to enjoy life -- really enjoy it -- is well and alive in so many people. :)

Adam said...


I'm glad you decided to come with - it was so much fun!