Friday, October 30, 2009

A Teacher? HAHAHA!

Woman: Hello?
Me: Hi, is this Watertown Middle school?
Woman: Yes it is. How can I help you?
Me: Hi, I just wanted to look into how I might go about applying to work as a substitute teacher.
Woman: Oh, a substitute teacher! HAHAHAHA (additional laughing in background)...


Why in the world were they laughing? Based on the intonation, I can think of two possible reasons. Either they were just talking about the need for substitute teachers and laughed because of my serendipitous phone call OR perhaps they heard in my voice the naive, unbroken spirit of a young soul about to be crushed by the reality of working in middle school education.

We shall see.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monster Shark Bitten in Half By Bigger Monster Shark

Off the coast of Australia, a 10ft great white shark was nearly bitten in half by a larger great white estimated to be about 20ft long (that's just 5ft shy of the fictional Jaws shark!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stephen Fry in America

Part I: New World:

The lovely Stephen Fry goes on a tour of all 50 American states in this excellent BBC documentary series. First up, the states that make up my favorite part of the nation, New England. I can't help but swell with pride and joy at this very loving portrait of the American character. Be sure to check it out!

For those just looking to see their own state's cameo:

Part II: The Deep South
Part III: Mississippi
Part IV: Mountains and Plains
Part V: True West
Part VI: Pacific

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hitchens Brings the Laughs Down Under

Those Aussies are really eating it up. I've seen Christopher Hitchens make a version of this argument several times, but never have I seen it elicit quite so many laughs! And I can't help but laugh along with them.

Which brings me to an interesting point that recently flared up on a friend's discussion board. Is it okay to laugh at religious beliefs? Generally, I think laughter and derision are perfectly appropriate responses, especially for some of the more outlandish claims, but even I wonder sometimes: Where do you draw the line? When is a belief fodder for comedians and when is a belief too sacred to touch?

Of course, I don't think a belief is ever too sacred to be touched, but for the sake of cultural sensitivities, what are the guidelines? In the quest for truth, is it better to throw political correctness and social niceties out the window? Or must we be more strategic if we are to win the hearts and minds of others? I think science offers a good role model here. Strive for skepticism and impartiality and if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

There's another good rule of thumb: if you want to laugh, just laugh and let the rest sort itself out.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"A Universe from Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss

Science is exciting and astounding. Put the time aside and watch this lecture.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"No God" Trending War on Twitter

In an amusing piece of Twitter history, the topic "No God" started trending today when tech savvy Christians (apparently led by @RevRunWisdom) began re-tweeting the old phrase, "Know God, Know Peace. No God, No Peace." Then, as atheists, agnostics, and secularists poked fun by retweeting just "No God" or "Know God, No Peace. No God, Know Peace," the topic became the most popular trending phrase of the day. So popular, in fact, that Twitter has been unable to cope with the increase in traffic. In an unfortunate effort to maintain the site, Twitter moderators have censored the offending topic. However, this act has only exacerbated the problem, igniting a firestorm of twittering protests from irreligious and free speech proponents alike.

Has Twitter acted responsibly or is the social networking site headed toward a potential PR disaster? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Video Game History: Tertis Song Type A

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Song -- Sunrise, Sunset

One late night, not too long ago in fact, I was so depressed that I started to cry and as I cried, I started to hum a tune. I tried to capture my sadness through the music, imitating the gentle cascade of tears by keeping the melody simple and melancholic, moving up and down. I wrote the opening that night and named the piece, "Crying."

However, as I began to expand the piece, I noticed that a hopeful tone started to infiltrate the music. Before long, the whole reasoning behind the song had transformed. A new theme was dawning. Sunrise, sunset. Despite it's tumultuous origins, the song had become somewhat peaceful and contemplative with just a hint of its melancholic past.

It's finally finished and I'm ready to share. I hope my readers and listeners like it. It's become a very personal piece. I think you'll hear shades of Aaron Copland, Elmer Bernstein and even Mr. James Horner. Be sure to give me your thoughts!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So, I'm back in Boston. I moved out on something of an impulse, with the naive hope that I would land the internship with the mobile game start-up SCVNGR and avoid the shame of living at home as I turned 25. I'm 1 for 1. Unfortunately, I was not awarded the internship, but I have managed to hold on to the last lingering scraps of my pride.

Of course, those scraps are now blowing violently in the cold Boston wind. The job search is becoming somewhat desperate. I've visited with several staffing agencies, applied to numerous positions, and hoofed it through BU's fall job fair, but still I have not been able to arrange one single interview. It's a scary time, to say the least.

But there are rays of hope. I have some tantalizing leads to pursue next week and some new strategies for contacting BU alumni and lengthening the reach of my social networks. It is also helpful to remind myself that I've only lived in Boston now for 2 weeks. Landing a job takes time and patience. I will get there soon enough.

In the meantime, I'm having a lovely time meeting up with old friends and reacquainting myself with the city. Thanks to all my friends for their incredible help with the job search, settling down, and making me feel welcome. Especial thanks to Adam, Mike, and Mike's family. Their graciousness is unbounded and greatly appreciated!

Oh, and the offer still stands: the first one to help me get a good job gets a fruit basket! A whole fruit basket, guys! Can you believe it?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ukulele Song -- Please Stay Here with Me

Now in Youtube form:

* please note, this ukulele song is an equal opportunity love ballad.

Sell the Vatican, Feed the World

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Carl Sagan on Evolution

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Please Stay Here with Me (Download)

Want a mp3 copy of my ukulele song "Please Stay Here with Me" to listen to at your leisure? Well now you can download it here for free! Get it while it's hot!

Bostonian Again

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Well, we've moved in! I'm burning through my money and I've yet to find a job. It's frightening and exciting times, to say the least. But I'm going to try to be positive!

The apartment is very nice, but very bare bones at the moment. We're slowly adding furniture. Here's hoping I find a job soon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SMBC Theater - Just A Theory

Friday, October 2, 2009

Videogame Facts that Blow Your Mind

The Cranemaker

Look what short film recently got an official upload on Campus Movie Fest's youtube channel!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Understanding Evolution

I wrote an article. Check it out and give me your thoughts!

Understanding Evolution

"If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?" Article addresses this popular question and seeks to clarify common misconceptions about the theory of evolution and mankind's place in the tree of life.