Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Song -- Sunrise, Sunset

One late night, not too long ago in fact, I was so depressed that I started to cry and as I cried, I started to hum a tune. I tried to capture my sadness through the music, imitating the gentle cascade of tears by keeping the melody simple and melancholic, moving up and down. I wrote the opening that night and named the piece, "Crying."

However, as I began to expand the piece, I noticed that a hopeful tone started to infiltrate the music. Before long, the whole reasoning behind the song had transformed. A new theme was dawning. Sunrise, sunset. Despite it's tumultuous origins, the song had become somewhat peaceful and contemplative with just a hint of its melancholic past.

It's finally finished and I'm ready to share. I hope my readers and listeners like it. It's become a very personal piece. I think you'll hear shades of Aaron Copland, Elmer Bernstein and even Mr. James Horner. Be sure to give me your thoughts!