Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sell the Vatican, Feed the World


SuiginChou said...

Ignoring the attack against papal hypocrisy, "throw money at it" is all this video boils down to. That isn't a viable solution in most cases, and certainly not in the case of world starvation. "It takes two to tango, Sarah," I'd like to remind her: if she empowers one billion starving world citizens to go out and be able to purchase food, you know what? It amounts to major inflation. Suddenly there will be +1 billion additional consumers than the sellers are used to seeing. That means +1 billion new people to fuck over, to tell "sorry, you don't get any, 'cause I only have x many to go around and the highest bidders get 'em." Which -- realistically -- means that the "new" +1 billion people being fucked over are none other than these same 1 billion people she allegedly empowered. You've got $50 now? and in your country that used to be enough to buy one week's worth of groceries? Congratulations: it's now worth enough to buy a candy bar and thazzit.

The solution to world hunger is not a bolus of cash to be injected into Africa's veins. The solution requires empowering buyers and facilitating sales.

Jay said...

Why you got to be a realist and ruin all the fun? :) Also, I think the video is more a satire of the blatant hypocrisy of an organization that preaches compassion for the sick and poor while living in staggering opulence, as opposed to a serious strategy for combating food shortages.

Jay said...

Oh, you mentioned the hypocrisy angle. Well, that's what I get for writing my comment a day later. lol