Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Fuller Weight Loss Program, Part Deux

I remember writing the original Fuller weight loss post, but I don't really remember the specifics or actually going through with it. And it was only a year ago!

What makes it creepier is that my current weight loss story begins more or less the same way as it did before. So to start, I'll quote:

If you had asked me a month ago about how much I weighed, I would have replied, "Oh I don't know, probably 145 maybe 150 pounds." So imagine my surprise when I eventually made it to a scale and weighed in at 160lbs.

In response to this discovery, I've once again started my usual diet and exercise regimen: breakfast shake in the morning, 20 min jog, dinner meal, crunches and push-ups before bed.

What's new is the addition of Wii Fit, which I've been using to track my progress. In 2 weeks, I managed to drop 10 lbs! Unfortunately, it seems I've plateaued, but I think I'm going to stick with the routine regardless. If I can't lose any more weight, then hopefully I can at least add muscle mass.


SuiginChou said...

I was really calm between November 2008 and March 2009, and I lost 18 pounds as a result. (I did nothing else out of the ordinary.) I've been very stressed out over the last four months, and -- again, doing absolutely nothing to encourage the weight gain like eating ice cream or cake or whatever -- I've gained it all back.

I share this with you just because I think you have anxiety-related, depressive, and sleep-related issues, and I think that it's best that you be aware of how these can influence your weight.

I really hate the unethical Relicore commercials, but what they say about cortisol is true -- stress elevates cortisol levels, and says hello to fat deposition and buh-bye to fat consumption.

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Mike said...

Since Dan and I started our weight loss contest a few months ago I've dropped like 15-20. I wouldn't advise skipping any meals or anything. Just eat healthier. I used to get a sandwich and chips for lunch everyday, now I've switched it to chips maybe once a week and all the other days I get either fruit or carrots. Same with most snacks actually. I eat a ton of fruit now. Helps get rid of hunger and it's not high in calories. Beats me if you want to spend the money but I absolutely love the elliptical machines they have at the gym. Such an awesome workout.

Jay said...

impressive! You always gotta one up me...

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