Monday, November 23, 2009

Favorite Original Composition?

Hey readers and listeners ---
Can you help me out? I'm thinking about changing the "featured" song in my musical portfolio. Right now, the site directs listeners to "The Stars at Night." But I think that song is starting to get stale, not to mention the fact that it has a few musical mistakes. So, of my original compositions, what do you find most engaging and listenable? What hooks you and makes you think, "...let's see what else he's written..." A song that features a wide range of music might be worth considering. Here are my nominations, from first to last.

1) Sunrise, Sunset (simple, clean, emotive, fits video)
2) My Dear Princess (stilted but somewhat varied, interesting video)
3) Dante's Inferno I: Entering the Woods (poor quality, repetitive, but popular)
4) Star Wars: Battle of Tatooine (mass appeal, varied, somewhat unoriginal, long)
5) The Stars at Night (inconsistent, warm feelings)

I'm also considering adding a "Most Popular" section to my music portfolio. Perhaps you could list your favorites? According to youtube, the list would look something like...

1) A Peculiar Day
2) Dante's Inferno (I, II, III)
3) Crime in the Family (Mafia Theme)
4) Peaceful Cowboy (Cowboy theme)
5) Wrath of God

...but that might reflect the content of the video's images more than the popularity of the music.