Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is Science?

Science is a splendid thing. It is the most certain you can be in an uncertain world. It embraces skepticism, while curiosity and guesswork drive the engine toward discovery. It is a noble pursuit. It lifts us out of the dark chasms of ignorance and the tepid black waters of superstition and illogic. Science is the last best hope for mankind.

If we are lucky and persistent, the Universe may let us tease out Her secrets.


Adam said...

What is Science, indeed!

For my textbook, we hired some marketing company to make a video dedicated to this very question. It turned out strangely emotional.


Jay said...

Yeah that was really nice. I like it! Although the realist in me kept thinking, "what school can afford to buy new text books every year?" I remember my old hand-me downs, writing my name in the cover, and seeing all those who came before me.