Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cold Case -- Paranormal SCVNGR Game

Introducing COLD CASE, the interactive fiction, augmented reality, cellphone-based text game built for the SCVNGR platform.
...hello? ...can you help me? You're receiving messages from the Otherside. Help the soul of a deceased young woman remember clues about her murder so that she might finally rest in peace.
COLD CASE is a free, location-based scavenger hunt that takes you through parts of Boston's back bay area. The game can be played with any cell phone that has text messaging or through SCVNGR's official iphone application (recommended).

Just text the word PARANORMAL to SCVNGR (728647) to get started!

COLD CASE was designed by Depth Deception and deployed December 2009.

Not in Boston? No worries! You can can still make it through the game fairly easily (but with point penalties) by using the HINT system. How's it work? Just text HINT once you've started the game! You have 3 guesses before you are skipped ahead to the next clue.

You can also text SKIP, but in practice, this sometimes skips two clues so use it sparingly. Happy hunting!