Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Starring David Cross and Will Arnett. HBO is picking up the American rights. I can't wait. This clip had me laughing my ass off.

American Todd Margaret (David Cross) bluffs his way into an apparently great job opportunity, heading up the sales team in his employer’s London office. All he has to do is sell several thousand energy drinks before his boss visits him in a week. Simple. Apart from the fact that he knows nothing about British culture and nothing about sales. This is further complicated when he lies continuously to cover his ignorance and spectacularly fails to impress Alice the first beautiful girl he meets.



SuiginChou said...

I can't stand that guy, but maybe this show could make me warm up to him a little. I dunno how much of it is him himself and how much of it is him always playing sleazeball characters in films, *shrug*.

The premise seems sorta interesting ... except ... are sales really all that different in England? O_o I would think American business and British business structure have much in common. I could see this being an hysterical PR disaster if it was, say, Todd Margaret being assigned to head up a project in Tokyo (where the CEO makes marginally less than the average employee, and that's just for cultura difference starters!), but London, huh? ........ this is new news to me.

Jay said...

Oh you Japanophile lol. Which guy can't you stand, David Cross (the balding guy?) He hasn't had too many movie roles; he's generally a bit character. your "sleazeball" comment a reference to his part in Alvin and the Chipmunks? Come on, admit it. It's okay if it is. :)

SuiginChou said...

That's like the third or fourth movie I've seen him in. First place I ever saw him was Just Shoot Me where he played the creepy sleazeball brother of Eliot, the one who pretended to be mentally retarded so he could get whatever he wanted and then proceeded to sexually harass Maya. Then I saw him in one or two other things ... maybe more, honestly ... 'cause I know it wasn't "Just Shoot Me" in the 1990s all the way to Alvin & the Chipmunks.

I've only seen the last half of that movie: it was playing at a local laundromat when I went to wash my bedsheets plus quilt. (lol) Pretty bad movie. And I mistook Dave's actor for Luke Wilson, whoops. Was surprised to learn he was the guy from My Name Is Earl when I saw a cast list for the second film. (God, god, god, why did they make another one!? It's like Garfield. -_-; One bastardization of a childhood favorite just isn't enough! You gotta go and make two of 'em, don't you, fellas?)