Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blogger's Regret

Insofar as original content is concerned, I feel I have been neglecting my blog. Let's try to make up for it with this post, eh?

I, uh....err, um.... let's see...

Substitute teaching has been a surprisingly enjoyable experience, although, like most jobs, there are good days and there are bad days. Some of the kids are starting to learn that I'm a pushover. I'm afraid they'll all soon smell blood in the water... Then again, I have kids coming up to me, giving me high-fives, saying hello. Maybe I'm not such a lame-oid? Do kids still use the suffix -oid?

I've been thinking about redesigning my blog again. But that would mean redesigning my portfolio and it took a very long time to get it to where it is today. The problem with personal blogs is that they lack focus. I don't have anything to keep people coming back. If I started a webcomic and updated it, say, biweekly, then I might be able to build an audience and deliver on they're expectations (as opposed to offering up the eclectic hodgepodge I have going now). And, like most webcomic artists, I could incorporate my personal blog into my comic blog.

As it turns out, wordpress has a popular webcomic template (and blogger, as far as I can tell, does not). Perhaps it is time to move on, to try something new, and build a real, active online presence. I might drop "Depth Deception" and use "Banapple" as my anchor. Believe it or not, a lot of little goofy ideas hove sprung up in my mind concerning Banana and Apple and I'd love to explore them.

The Boston Public library is offering a Children's book writer residency and, even though I'd have a hard time soliciting relevant recommendation letters, I feel like it might be within my grasp. They're looking for up-and-coming writers and I'm just sitting on this great Children's book idea, the HMS Albatross. It's practically ready to go! Only problem is, every time I sit down to write it, I become disgusted with my prose. And I can never tell if I'm too hard on myself or if I'm deluding myself into thinking I have talent. For a writer, I sure don't do much writing. Perhaps I'm passing the buck, but I've always felt I needed a muse. I need someone to be excited for me, to push me, to support me, to give me that little thrill that encourages me to keep going.

I'm trying to finish arranging the theme that was originally called "the Phone Song" and I'm starting to have a hard time of it. The first half went so well! But I've slowed down and the transitions sound jarring. Now I have to wait for a solution to strike me. Waiting.... waiting... waiting...

Would this be funny? An image of a Jamaican man tripping a woman with the title, "Jamaican Jerk"? Sounds like a Depth Deception pun... but who likes puns?


Daniel said...

I love puns, but I'm admittedly in the minority.

I like the idea of focusing this blog as a Web comic. Check out, he does great stuff and manages to incorporate brief musings underneath. Also, I'm hooked on Beartato, so good recommendation there.

Jay said...

Make sure you hover over Nedroid's comics with your mouse pointer . There's usually a pretty funny second punchline.

gjtech said...

hi jay! my name is gj from manila. i work for a bakery called banapple pies & cheesecakes and i'd like to invite you over to try our bakery cafe in case you find yourself in our part of the world :)

Jay said...

Hi gj! Sounds good to me!