Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Song! -- Bouncy Waltz

Want to know what kind of music plays in my head ALL DAY LONG? Here's a little sneak peek into my brain:

I was practically tormented by the song. I had to get it out into the real world, had to pick this little idea-booger out so I could move on with my life. This song was absolutely obstinate and refused to go away. So here it is. I've heard it a bajillion times and so I've lost all sense of perspective: is it catchy? Is it pleasant? Who knows? And who cares? It's finally done.

I always wonder if the people who listen to my music appreciate or can even discern (from my crappy, echo-y sound mixes) the layers of harmony and melody going on behind the scene. All told, there are 11 instruments playing (if we count string sections as one instrument). That's 11 parts I have to write! That can be exhausting --damn near maddening-- even on a short piece like this!

For the record, here's the list of instruments playing:

French Horn
4 String Sections (1 pizzicato)

To give you a better sense for what individual instruments are doing, here's a version of the song with just the timpani, percussion, French horn, 1 string section, clarinet, and glockenspiel playing.