Monday, November 26, 2007

Sounds of Scopes

History buffs might particularly enjoy this video, which features actual audio from the Scopes Monkey Trial:

Not quite as stirring as the Inherit the Wind dramatization:


SuiginChou said...

I have to agree -- I'm impressed with the original but the film is (deliciously and not repugnantly?) overflowing with scripted drama. My one complaint with this scene in "Inherit the Wind" is that it portrays Brady, the theist, as a complete fool; while it portrays Darrow's character as this "yes he is, no he isn't" on-again off-again atheist (is he an atheist? or is he just a stay-at-home Christian?) who destroys Brady bit by bit. I don't think it went quite that extremely irl, even if Bryan did end up dying days after the trial ended.

I'm interested in (when I find the time @_@) picking up that book that Matt recommended where one of Italy's most praised philosophers (and noted atheist) takes on his best friend, one of the Pope's very archbishops, in an atheist vs. theist debate. Now *that* sounds like it would present equal footing.