Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Pat, the Heathen!

This is, I believe, an excerpt from Julia Sweeney's one-woman show. I really, really want to see the whole thing now.


Daniel said...

Watch the one with the guy who made "creatures" that could survive on their own. It's mind blowing.

Jay Fuller said...

Yeah, that's a pretty cool video. Although I feel like there's something futile and extravagant about it. It seems like more of an art project than a science project. I think he's relying on his own ingenuity to design and build these creatures and ignoring the power of computer simulations and from-the-ground-up evolutionary design. But to each his own.

Daniel said...

Maybe, but I think the technology, if harnessed and utilized in the proper way, could really make for some huge breakthroughs. I'm thinking in particular of his point on improving the wheel. We're talking about independent, intelligent and complex motion that could carry seemingly massive weights with simply wind power.