Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christopher Hitchens Debates

Despite the fact that Hitchens repeats a few old quips and has a sometimes annoying penchant for name dropping, he absolutely eviscerates Turek in this debate. It is joyous to watch (I laughed out loud several times). Sometimes, you can just tell when someone is leagues ahead of another regarding argumentation skills and general intelligence.

There's also a "Gospel according to Brady!" Inherit the Wind moment that Hitchens ignores at first, but then finally acknowledges and uses to decimate Turek. It's just great.

There's also a youtube version if the vimeo version is as slow for you as it was for me (but the vimeo version is certainly the better of the two)

UPDATE: Here's part of that "Brady" moment:


Brian said...

Full MP3 Audio of the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Frank Turek can be found here at apologetics315.com.

I tend to disagree with your opinion on the debate. Hitchens is a great rhetorician, but he didn't have any argument -- nor did he answer many of the questions that were posed to him. He might have the stye, but he lacked substance.

Thanks for posting the debate.

Jay said...

Well, if Hitchens lacked substance, then you must admit Turek lacked something more all together.

Just listen to how many times Turek evades presenting evidence. "That's the argument...I don't have time to support it!"

Or his 'special insight' into the mind and will of God such that he knows of an intervention?? (What happened to the Apocalypse? Perhaps a new gospel, the gospel of Turek, should be written!)

Or the way he used his favorite 'big' word "Ontological" as a shield to deflect any kind of rational response without offering a reasonable explanation of his own.

I think you can usually tell if an argument is getting to someone by the volume of his voice. Instead of substance, Turek just got louder and visibly uncomfortable.

Are you sure you watched the same debate?