Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wind Waker One Man Band

Holy cow. The Legend of Zelda never sounded so good.


SuiginChou said...

I couldn't resist: a Wind Waker commentary follows! But first, AWESOME! I loved it. Very pretty. I would love to see more people do more stuff like this. :)

Now, ...

The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker isn't my pick for Best Zelda overall, but it's definitely my pick for best Zelda in the following categories:

- dungeon design
- boss fights
- music (a close tie but barely nudging out OoT for me; OoT's music feels epic, but WW's is overall more pleasant and more memorable)
- story (though it could not have been without the assistance of OoT, upon his shoulders it clearly stands in order to tell its tale; half the tragedy of WW's story is recognizing what befell the Hyrule you came to know and love in OoT)

It is sad that the game is so popularly hated upon for its cel-shaded graphics (which I agree do strike me as less cool than the realistic graphics Nintendo promised us at SpaceWorld 2000 and delivered to us in 2006's Twilight Princess). But the game still isn't perfect even if we overlook its cartoon look: an overly-drawn out campaign (with the Triforce Shards); the 3-way combo of painfully slow sailing, of not being able to gain the Warp Point ability until much too late in the game, and of not even having at least the option to warp to each visited tile rather than the sparse 10 or 12 they gave you); and frustrating mechanics (e.g. no auto-lock with the cannon on your boat, slow wide arcs when you fly as a seagull, unforgivingly small hitbox for targets which have to be hit by arrows).

SuiginChou said...

I learned some cool tips from his Mega Man 9 video, and my bruised ego was healed when I watched him do a lot of things "the hard way" compared to some tricks of my own. (I still have not read a single walkthrough or talked to anybody about MM9 playstyles. In fact, Freddie's my first!) I think it's funny that he's such a big fan of concrete in that game: that's one of my LEAST favorite powers, but he showed me some interesting ways to use it in the 2nd stage of Wily's lair which could shave 1-2 minutes off of my completion time. (One which is already a few comfortable minutes beneath the shortest time you need for an award. ;p :))

If I were to make a video, I think Freddie's response would be, "Oh wow, Ryan's a big fan of crystals." Those crystals make navigating Elecman's stage a breeze.

I am confused as to how Freddie had Mega Man use a charged up fire attack. I know Proto Man can charge up, but Mega Man cannot. Unless there's some new DLC that I missed out on. :\

SuiginChou said...

Plugman, my bad. "Elecman" rolls off the tongue so naturally since he's one of the original six, and "Spark Man" is a close second because of my growing up with MM3.