Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Song and I Need Your Help!

You guys know how I work. In order to get a wider dissemination of my music, I create music videos featuring pictures from video games that I consider similar in tone. But I'm running out of ideas. Maybe you can help!

Listen to my song "H.W. Meets an Elf Man" and tell me what it makes you think of: images, games, feelings, anything. Based on those suggestions, I'll try to put a music video together.

Also, I'm not in love with the title, so if you can think of something better, I'll entertain that as well. For the curious, the song has 3 pretty distinct sections. The first I'd say is just about all me, the second begins like James Horner and ends like Danny Elfman, and the final section is a flying theme that reminds me of John Williams.


"H.W. Meets an Elf Man"


Horner Williams Meets Elfman


SuiginChou said...

I can't quite decide, but a recurring image I get at certain parts is that of being welcomed into a European-style (Middle Ages) castle at night time, the torches on the walls flickering, and being led to the king's dais. The thing is, the music is sufficiently sinister and fast-paced at parts that it would have to be either adventurers fighting a monster in a dugneon or else adventurers exploring the overworld.

Also (and you may be aware of this, but) it's very obvious to me that there are two different songs here! Song #1 plays from 0:00 to about 2:05. Song #2 plays from 2:05 until the end. I was excited at first to see that Jay had finally written a new song and one which was longer than 3 minutes! :) ("Good for you, Jay!" I thought); but, I must confess disappointment with the realization halfway through that you had simply stuck two songs side-by-side and called them one. :\

For what it's worth, I like Song #2 a lot more. It makes me think of embarking on a new adventure, or (specifically) of the now-clich├ęd moment in all Final Fantasies where you first gain access to that game's particular airship. Like ... I see us in the skies, racing through clouds over a shimmering scarlet ocean (burnished by the setting sun), pine trees and maples far beneath us ... in other words, kind of like when Celes first regains access to Setzer's airship in FF6 after the timejump. ^_^;