Monday, January 26, 2009

Where'd the Mother F*ckin' Cheese Go At?

Earlier in 2002 we [Ween] were hired by the largest advertising firm in the country to write music for a Pizza Hut commercial. Pizza Hut had hired them to come up with a whole new image to promote their new Pizza, "The Insider" which had all the cheese inside the crust. In keeping in line with their new cutting edge image, the agency hired Ween to do the music, and we delivered in a big way. Unfortunately, they didn't like a single piece of the 6 tunes we submitted and they had us rewriting the song every day for a couple of weeks before they hired someone else. In my opinion, it is one of the best tunes we wrote all last year.

After the rejections, Ween rewrote the jingle one last time.



fulleju said...

wow, jay. talk about catering to your blog audience! how did you know that i love all things ween, and own every thing they've ever put out? I wish I could digg this a million times.