Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are Dentists Evil?

Read some of this. That's here I am right now. My new dentist replaced a filling because of some decay around the edges. It wasn't hurting, but I thought "Okay, he knows what he's doing." Now, after paying out my ass, I have gone from no discomfort to TREMENDOUS PAIN! I can't seem to go 3 months without a pressing dental issue.

What's worse, it sounds like lots of people are suffering the same problem. Is the procedure really necessary? Or worth this pain?


Genesis8 said...

There evil I say. EVIL.

SuiginChou said...

Dentists are like any other doctor.

1. You've got your good ones and you've got your bad ones. Skilled vs not skilled. Ethical vs unethical.

2. One-thousand successful operations may not matter if one operation goes awry. Because of this, the less ethical ones would rather brush their mistakes under the carpet than admit to them and risk losing licensure.

3. Even good doctors make mistakes. Nobody's perfect.

4. Even good doctors can do the operation flawlessly but the patient is unhappy with the results, possibly even worse off than when he came in, because every patient is different and there are REAL STATISTICAL CHANCES for success or failure for each surgical operation. That is to say, when an operation is said to have a 90% success rate, that means that even the very best surgeon will still have 1 out of every 10 to 20 patients of his come out of the OR without success.

5. Dentists make a hell of a lot of money. Fill in the dots from here.

6. Dentistry, by its nature, involves causing temporary pain in order to relieve future pain. Naturally, this attracts two types of people: beneficent people who realize that the ends justify the means, and sadistic people who enjoy hurting others in the here and now regardless of the future outcome. That is to say, dentistry (as a field) can attract both nice people as well as sadistic people, yes. But I think by and large the majority of dentists are nice. I don't think many sadists can last long in dentistry because eventually their sadistic tendencies will blow their cover.

Anonymous said...

All dentists and doctors must have sold the souls to the devil. If not, they probably cannot survive.
My former dentist replaced the fillings in my upper right molars with the two crowns. During the process, inept assitant stubbed my gum more than 7000 times and that my trigeminal nerves were injured irreversibly. If you have the prolonged/worsening pain long after the dental work, you may want to consult neurologists. The dentists are idiots, and that they will refer you to the endodontist if the pain does not stop. However, if you have post-traumatic nerve injury, the root-canal will worsen your pain and that you will be suicidal. In many cases, dentists choose crown restoration even though there are many other options. The reason why the dentists want to replace your old fillings to the new expensive ceramic crowns is of course they get more money doing it. It seems that you are not suicidal; thus I assume that you don't suffer nerve injury. But in case, you have severe pain even though there is no sign of infection, google Atypical Odontalgia and Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dentists are not Evil People, we do not sell our souls to the devil, and NO WE ARE NOT IDIOTS!.. Most patients do not understand that when a dentist comes up with a plan for a tooth, it is case specific. Not all treatments are the same for every patient. Dentists in general are hard working Type A personality people who tend to be perfectionists. Although I cannot speak for all dentists, It is unethical to render dental treatment on a tooth that does not need it or to overtreat for financial gain. Most dentists that I know are ethical (I am a dental student) and only treat when necessary.