Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nintendo DSi Drops Today

I have to admit, I'm enticed by the DSi, but for only two reasons:

1) I'm still playing on my old DS Phat.
2) The flipbook animation software looks addicting.

However, the price tag and the fact that Nintendo has removed the GBA drive are the two deal breakers for me. I also haven't been compelled to buy any software for the DS for months now, so it's kind of a dead platform for me. I think I'll hold out for the next big thing.


SuiginChou said...

The shitty battery life? I don't even need to know anything else to know that the DSi is inferior to the DS Lite. I'll give you the others, true, but for me, if the missing GBA port is to be considered a "deal breaker," then the battery life problem would need to be labeled a "deal debacle."

1. poor battery life
2. lack of R4 cart hackability
3. lack of GBA title playability
4. expensive

I think this is how I'd rank them. Note that I don't even own an R4 cart (and do own every single last one of my DS games, something between 15 and 20 titles!), but I still think that Reason #2 deserves to be #2 because of how significant it is to the community-at-large.

Mike said...

I'd say the number 1 reason not to get it would be that you already have a DS. Seems pointless to waste your money on the same system because it's smaller.

Jay said...

But the screens are slightly larger! (And compared to my DS, the image is much better)

But as I've said, I'm far from sold on it. I'm not sure what an R4 cart is, so I don't think I'd be missing out there. I didn't realize the battery life was poor --although it doesn't seem to be all that bad. 5 hours seems pretty adequate.

SuiginChou said...

"5 hours seems pretty adequate." How do they obtain these official battery lives? With the image as dim as possible, the sound turned completely off, and no game playing at all, that's how. :\ They test it with the DSi just sitting at the main menu. In reality, the battery life is going to be much less, especially when you play a game like Mario Kart DS on it.