Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Huge Yard Sale BLOWOUT!

We're having a yard sale this week. Check out our Craigslist ad.


SuiginChou said...

Cool, I guess? Garage sales always make me sad, 'cause when it comes to toys, video games, books, or other things which I have fond memories of, I'm a major packrat. Drives my mom nuts. Why, I still have this unopened can of Diet Pepsi from 1999 with Queen Amidala on it from when The Phantom Menace was still new. XD But garage sales are good, too, because they're mutually beneficial for both parties: party A gets a used good but at lower price than retail or auction, while party B recoops money "for free"/"out of thin air" from things they weren't really using anyway.

Do my eyes deceive me, or are you selling one of your two Wiis? I'm not an interested buyer, of course: I'm just an interested friend! :) I can't believe you'd sell one or the other, even though I do find it sorta hard to believe that you guys had two to begin with. (I guess it made sense while you were still in Boston, true ........ but then again, aren't you moving out there again?????)

Pokémon cards: bulk-bulk, bulk-commons and uncommons, or singles w/ price tags? If the latter two, :\ , but if the former, I might swing by. Then again, if your prices are fair, I guess that third option's not bad either. But you know me too well Jay to know what my idea of "fair" means for a piece of paper with ink on it for a game nobody plays anymore. XD :) So I'm probably not going to be your best customer there, either. ^_^; (And if they're the new cards from after Nintendo and Wizards of the Coast went their separate ways? Then I wouldn't be interested anyway since I quit buying the cards maybe 6-12 months before that schizm occurred, so my collection's 100% WotC Pokemon TCG.)

Jay said...

Whoops, I thought I put wii games...I should probably change that. My brothers don't want to sell their cards, but I've got a box of old cards somewhere. Not sure how I'll price them. Maybe I should look online and see what they're asking for nowadays.

SuiginChou said...

You still haven't changed it. ;P Trying to lure in the casual shoppers, are we, Jay? ;p :)

Nah, I'm just kidding. Besides, Wiis are easy(-ier) to find these days, aren't they? I'm pretty sure I've noticed multiple Wii boxes in the stores like Target and Wal-Mart now. I don't recall 'cause I haven't gone video game shopping in a while.

fulleju said...

you're selling the PIANO?!?!