Monday, June 15, 2009

I Should Be a Game Developer

I was looking through my documents and I uncovered this post I made on a message board almost 2 years ago, on November 15, 2007, around the time the Ghostbuster video game was announced.
In my dreams, the Wii version is divided into 4 play styles:

1) Drive Ecto to place of haunting.

--Nunhuck control stick, wiimote fires proton beam on top of car.

2) Getting Hot/Cold game with PK meter.

--Walk with nunchuck control stick, wave wiimote around to pick up pk readings until you are led closer and closer to the spook.

3) Gunning and Trapping.

--Flip the wiimote behind your back and right-side up again to switch from pk meter to proton gun. (This action mimics how the proton gun is unholstered and would be totally simple to implement and immersive!)

--Fire with B trigger to either obliterate non-essential ghosts with small damage meters (total protonic reversal!) or to ensnare ghosts which must be trapped.

--Once weakened and ensnared, team member(s) add their proton beams to hold ghost. You cut your beam and

[QUOTE]Nunchuck = motions used to throw the trap, Z = uses the trap, [/QUOTE]

4) Boss Battles

--These would have to play somewhat differently. For instance, you're not going to trap the Stay Puft marshmallow man. I imagine Stay Puft has a damage meter and time limit; you must strike his head with the proton beam to burn damage and deflect or straddle to avoid the flaming marshmallow globs he throws at you.

**Also, I think a hub world in the Ghostbuster's headquarters would be cool. After you catch a ghost, you can walk to the basement and empty traps into the containment unit ala Metroid Prime 3 controls for inserting and removing power tanks.

These ideas are free to use DEVS! I think I'd be as happy as a little girl if these controls/game play elements were implemented. (can you tell I'm something of Ghostbusters fan? :D )
Some of this, like driving Ecto-1 and the trapping mechanics, didn't come true. But the bulk of my design, which I've put in bold, has been implemented! Again, I'm not saying these ideas were stolen (especially since I freely offered them up). I'm just saying that...someone should give me a job in a creative business!


Jay said...

Then again, a lot of these design choices were fairly obvious...

SuiginChou said...

Thank you for saying it yourself.

That stated, I'm disappointed that the games do not include some of your other excellent suggestions, like the "driving back to work and dumpin' the ghosts off in the big red vault." A, that would have been QUITE the nostalgia trip. B, I think it would have been really easy for the Wiimote to handle, like when in Metroid Prime 3 you get on the Space Pirate shuttlecars and (1) lift up and towards, (2) move right, and (3) push forward and down, all actions being really on the Wiimote and game-world on the moving lever inside the carriage.

Driving the Ecto-1 around to each and every mission wouldn't have been fun to me (novelty would have worn off quick; even in the film the car was more often shown in Park than it was in Drive), but I definitely would have liked to have had movie sequences showing us riding in the Ecto-1 going to and from our missions. I hope that's in the finished product? If so, that's perfect for me. :) (Not much point in driving back to the base, though, if we just auto-appear around the pool table or in Egon's lab instead of going to the basement and fiddling with the big red vault. :( )

You have to wonder what Walter Peck is going to say in this game. :) They've had 15+ years to think up some pretty sassy shit for Venkman/Peck, so I'm hoping they did. :D

Although it may be tough to beat Harold Ramis's original setup in the first film. :) I don't know if any line from that movie is more quoted by the adult fanbase than that conversation. :)

:D (0:36 to 0:56)

"Well that's what I heard!"

SuiginChou said...

Whelp, I watched Parts 1-8 of 11 of the Ghostbusters rip some dude put up on Youtube last year. I imagine it'll draw enough attention in the coming days to be taken down by Columbia/Tri-Star's parent company, but in the meantime, it's there to fan the flames for the old generation (us) as well as the new and to get them stoked for Ghostbusters 3. :)

I had forgotten how witty the dialogue throughout the film was! I think it's because there aren't that many lines in the film that you can quote at people and have them not feel like you just wasted their time with a dumb joke; but as a film, it's like, bam, one humorous (but non-joke) line after another! A good example is at Louis Tully's party. How he goes from the medicine cabinet (generic meds) to the punch bowl (that's why I invited you clients) to the blonde bimbo (let's dance!) to the front door (hold on one sec!) to the closet is seamless and so natural-feeling, and yet every isolated moment in that chain is humorous and puts a smile on your face or maybe even squeezes a small little chuckle out of you! :)

One thing that always bothered me as a kid, and I was reminded of it just now in that Part 8 of 11 bit, was that all in the first film the Ghostbusters pretty much face both of the top two obstacles I could come up with for them to face down:
(1) a ghost-god (Gozer), and
(2) their storage container failing and so all of their hard work goes down the drain and in one big SPIKE all of the ghosts they ever captured are let loose on the city causing total havoc

These are like the two "uber-challenges" for the team, and they both took place in the first film. It's probably why Film #2 felt so sequel-ey (and I mean that in the negative way) and not like a good solid film of its own: 'cause an evil painting that wants to take Dana's baby's body just isn't as big an adversary for the team as Gozer or Walter Peck were.

It makes me wonder how they're going to get around this obvious problem for the video games. What's going to be the plot device in the new games which prevents the story from living in Ghostbusters 1's shadow and allows it to live alongside Ghostbusters 1 in the sunlight?

Jay said...

Love these movies. I STILL want to grow up to be a ghostbuster.

Can you believe Rick Moranis ad-libbed almost that entire scene? It's one of my favorite comic scenes in any movie (ending with that awesomely bad dance!) Seriously, it's like a joke every 5 seconds.

"That's why I invited clients instead of friends. Hey, how you doin'!?"

SuiginChou said...

I didn't know that! Now I do. :)