Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Game Saturation

There are a lot of great games releasing this month for the Nintendo Wii. If I wasn't jobless, I'd happily pick them all up. Unfortunately, I really can't justify a spending spree without an income. Read on and help me decide on what game I should purchase.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (release date: 6/09/09)

One of the first games to make use of Nintendo's motion plus add-on, the latest iteration of the Tiger Woods franchise sounds as if it is the definitive golf simulator. I'm eager to try out the new control mechanics, Frisbee golf, and an all new, fully fledged online mode.

Grand Slam Tennis (release date: 6/09/09)

EA sports is hitting the Wii hard this month, releasing their second motion plus enhanced title Grand Slam Tennis. Ever since Wii Sports, I've been waiting for a solid, dedicated tennis game and if reviews and word-of-mouth are to be believed, Grand Slam Tennis delivers in spades.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (release date: 6/09/09)

While not originally on my radar, recent previews and videos have piqued my interest. The controls look fun and intuitive and the game looks like it does an admirable job of capturing Indy's charm. And I wanna try crackin' that whip!

Ghostbusters (release date: 6/16/09)

Now here's a game that promises to fulfill a long held childhood dream of picking up a proton pack and bustin' ghosts. At the discount price of $39.99 and as the only version of the game with immersive motion controls and a full co-op mode, the urge to purchase may be too much to resist.

The Conduit (release date: 6/23/09)

Developer High Voltage has answered the call of eager Wii owners clamoring for a hardcore FPS. The Conduit features impressive graphics, unprecedented customization, and a complete online experience. Could this be the game that dethrones the fun but admittedly gimped Call of Duty: World at War?


Honestly, I've narrowed my decision down to The Conduit, Ghostbusters Wii and Tiger Woods. And to be even more honest, I'm pretty much settled on Ghostbusters. The only thing holding me back is my desire to support High Voltage and an original, hardcore intellectual property. I'm also eager to get my hands on a motion plus add-on so I can try out what so many seem to be hailing as the best. golf. game. ever.

I wish I had more money!


SuiginChou said...

What does it mean to be "the best golf game ever"? To me, it sounds like it'd be similar to:

- the best English translation of War and Peace ever
- the best essay question ever
- the best doctor's visit ever

When a bad thing is made the least bad ever, it's still a bad thing. :|

And if you happen to like golf games, then great, more power to you, but ... don't you already own some, in that case?

You don't own a Ghostbusters game yet.

You won't get another chance to own a Ghostbusters video game if this one is a sales flop.

Your purchase is +1 against it being a sales flop.

Your failure to purchase is -1 against it, or +1 in favor of it, being a sales flop.

If you have no money, then buy NO games. But if you must, then buy Ghostbusters, I'd say.

Better yet? DON'T BUY ANY GAME ON OPENING DAY. Rent your top pick and split the rental fee with your brothers and/or Colin and other friends who'd be interested in coming over to play it. For $2, you can sample the game before buying it, and in that manner avoid purchasing a dud.

Mike said...

Don't buy any and use the money to come visit Boston.

Jay said...

I bought Tiger Woods. I traded in a few wii games that I never play and ended up spending 15 dollars. The game is a lot of fun! Every time Greg is in town, we played the older game at Watson's. It's a fun party game.

Now that I've read the Wii reviews for Ghostbusters....I don't know. 7.5 versus 8.5 for the xbox360 version? I'm totally blown away by the look of the next gen version --and not so much the wii. Ideal world: xbox360 version with motion controls. Alas.

Did you know the neutrino wand is not even connected to the proton pack in the Wii game? The lack of little details like that annoy me greatly. Lazy programmers. >:(