Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogging to you LIVE from TV!

Well, maybe not LIVE, per say... More like I'm using the living room tv as a computer monitor because my laptop screen's backlight died out on me. I made it back to Boston after a long, travel-filled break. I wish I could have spent more time at home seeing friends. Such is life.

Christmas was lovely and small. My parents did a great job transporting the experience and delivering something that resembled the usual gluttony-fest on little more than a shoestring budget. It was great seeing family, of course.

Orlando was fun, but surprisingly cold. We stayed at a resort complete with a large pool, two water slides, 4 jacuzzi's, paddleboats, rockclimbing, and a pitch and putt! We managed to sample a few, despite the weather. We could literally see Disney from our hotel window. Unfortunately, we lacked the funds and general interest to make it to the park (although we did get swept up into their confusing highway system and nearly entered Epcot!)

The reason for the trip was primarily for a soccer tournament being hosted by Disney. My brother played wonderfully, managing 3 goals even while wearing a knee brace, sustaining an injury, and possibly a broken pinky toe...that I may have accidentally had something to do with...

Disregarding a very turbulent landing, my trip back to Boston was fairly uneventful. My trip out to Indy, on the other hand, was a nightmare filled with delay after delay, cancellations, and sleeping over night in the philly airport. In short, it sucked. Hardcore. But that's over now and I'm looking forward to doing a little more substitute teaching and, hopefully, landing one of two solid opportunities coming my way.

Once I land a steady job, I plan on buying a nice, cheap netbook or desktop. In the meantime, I imagine blog posts will be sparse. Stick with me as I trudge through this difficult time!



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