Friday, July 18, 2008

Darwin Hated His Teachers Too

When I was in grade school, I made a Mortal Kombat styled paper animation of my most hated teachers fighting each other. When Charles Darwin was in grade school, he wrote letters to his sister that are decidedly more classy. But I think the sentiment is the same.


Jan. 6th. | 1826—

My dear Caroline,

Many thanks for your very entertaining letter, which was a great relief after hearing a long stupid lecture from Duncan on Materia Medica— But as you know nothing either of the Lecture or Lecturers, I will give you a short account of them.— Dr. Duncan is so very learned that his wisdom has left no room for his sense, & he lectures, as I have already said, on the Materia Medica, which cannot be translated into any word expressive enough of its stupidity.

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