Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Unbelievable She-Hulk

By blogging about this, I believe I am breaking my personal code of ethics because simply acknowledging the humor of the event dehumanizes a very real person who has no doubt suffered social injustice for a harmless taboo. That said, every once and awhile, the Universe sees fit to conjure up a little cosmic irony worthy of acknowledgment.

Two days ago, someone came into the theater to buy a ticket. At first glance, I saw that it was a large woman, complete with a short skirt and trimmed blond hair, and averted my eyes while I rang her up. Once the ticket was printed, I tore along the perforated edge, handed the stub over and made eye contact.

Oh my. What I saw was a hulking man with broad shoulders and large muscles wearing a blond wig and pink blouse. "THANK YOU" he spoke in a guttural baritone. Now, there are some transvestites and transgender people in this world who are close, if not indistinguishable, from the other sex. But he was not even close.

And the juiciest bit of irony? He bought a ticket to see the Incredible Hulk.


Genesis8 said...

Funny story to add to that. When I was working for Embassy Suits, I would have to work late. At the bar some nights would be this man who loved dressing like a woman. He wouldn't even shave. So once in a while I would talk to him. Had a wife and kids, but would lead a different lifestyle.

SuiginChou said...

I've talked to tons of these sorts of people indirectly via God knows how many websites that deal with the anime and hentai subcultures. And the shock value of seeing pictures of these people or seeing these people in person is still as fresh as it was 6, 7 years ago.

Not but 1 month ago there was a 100-post discussion by some anonymous person who wanted to know what he could do to become a woman; and you wouldn't believe the replies he got:
- from kind to hateful
- from armchair scientist to "I've been through it myself here's what you need to do" to "I've done these operations myself here's what you need to do" (O_O)
- from "do it now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life otherwise" to "don't do it, it'll be the biggest regret of your life"

You really do get all kinds, not just in terms of these sexual behaviors and fetishes but in terms of the OPINIONS people hold. A Gallop poll may show that 90% of Americans are uncomfortable with transsexuals but oh what a diverse 90% they are and how diverse be their "discomfort"!