Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DO WANT - India's Air Car

"Compressed-Air Powered cars could take you over 800 miles on a single fill-up, at speeds of up to 96 mph. They should refuel in less than 3 minutes, and at speeds over 35 mph emit about half the CO2 of a Toyota Prius. Best part? You could see them in the US at the end of next year."

Sounds good to me. Sign me up!



SuiginChou said...

First thought: "death on wheels." That's a small car, Jay, with little forgiveness front or back.

Second thought: "Who's to say the cost of getting the air compressed, transferring it to the car, etc. isn't comparable with current energy costs?" I see at least one commenter shared my fears, though the article does attempt to assuage them by claiming that you can restore the compressed air at home over 4 hours at a total electrical cost of only $2.

I don't like it personally. I would prefer a high-yield clean energy source like the mythical hydrogen fuel cells or nuclear engines we keep hearing about to a low-yield clean energy source like compressed air.

Also, 96 mph max out isn't going to be very popular in Germany.

Jay said...

I want a car so small that it insults people. I'm not sure why, but I always have. That Smart Car is appealing too. Actually, my biggest gripe with this car is that it converts into a hybrid over 35mph. I do most of my traveling at about 35-50mph (and avoid the highway at all costs!). If they could find a solution for zero pollution at that range, I'd be happy as a clam.

SuiginChou said...

I hate getting on the interstate. Getting on the highway is no different from making a left or right turn at any other traffic light. I enjoy being on the highway and especially enjoy being on the interstate. That's pretty much my rundown there.

Ideal driving speeds:
- between no gas at all and 10mph, something I often do when on the country roads to my apartment with no traffic around, just taking in the scenery

- over 70mph, when I want to feel like I'm getting somewhere

So I guess I'm the anti-Jay, as I like it either very very slow or very very fast. hahaha :)

Mike said...

That car sounds like dirty commie talk to me.