Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Short Story Portfolio Now Open!

Check out the writing section of my portfolio and click the short stories icon!

Back in my senior year of high school, I had only two moments when I really connected with my English teacher. The first was when she complimented my Dante's Inferno music and the second was when we sat down and told me why she liked my short story, "A Simple Gift."

I submitted the story to the project XL competition and managed to progress in a few rounds, winning a t-shirt and certificate. This is the first time I've posted it online and, I think, the first time I've made it available for friends to read. Enjoy!

I've also been thinking about adding some essays to my writing portfolio. There are a few of which I'm proud, but I'm not sure if they're worth it. Who would really stop to read them and what are the chances they'd be stolen for some class?