Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Do You Call Carbonated Soft Drinks?

I used to say "Pop," because that's what my parents called it. But 14 years in Rhode Island beat it out of all us and now "Soda" is the only acceptable term.

Here's the national breakdown


SuiginChou said...


Lies because everyone in my family calls it "soda" or "coke" in roughly equal proportion ("coke" being used for cola carbonated drinks and "soda" being used for non-cola ones) -OR- we call it by name. In faaaaact, I'd say instinctively that this is how I and my family work:

Fill in the blank -- "Would you like some _______?"

if Coca-Cola, then "coke" (>95%) or "Coca-Cola" (<5%)
if Pepsi-Cola, then "coke" (>60%) or "pepsi" (<40%)
if Diet Pepsi, then "diet" (99%) ; no Diet Coke in our house
if Sprite, then "Sprite" (90%) or "soda" (10%)
if Minute Maid carbonated, then "orange soda" (99%)
if Canada {whatever} ginger ale, then "ginger ale" (99%)
if Dr. Pepper, then "Dr. Pepper" (99%)
if Ocean Spray grapefruit juice, then "grapefruit juice"
if Mott's Apple Juice, then "apple juice"
if Sunny Delight fake-orange juice, then "orange juice" (90%) or "Sunny D" (10%)
if Minute Maid concentrate orange juice, then "orange juice" (99%)

We never, ever say "pop." And it seems like:
- if it's carbonated, we have a predilection towards the drink's brand name (~50%) or towards its general category (~50%)
- if it's a fruit juice, we NEVER call it "fruit juice." (To me, that sounds so ... so Pleasantville!) We call it for what it is but seem to almost universally omit the brand name, save for the rare times where the fruit juice is so far removed from what it claims to be that we use the brand name to distinguish it from the real deal.

Genesis8 said...

I think wars should be fought over this. What a amazing fight. I say soda. Now bring your war.

Lauren said...

I call everything coke! It's just interesting to me how this random blob of coke-sayers dwells in central Indiana, surrounded by pop-sayers. And Missouri being split down the middle between coke and pop...How does that happen? Very interesting!

fulleju said...

its *POP*