Monday, September 22, 2008

Star Wars: the Force Unfinished

Sam and I split expenses and picked up a copy of Star Wars: the Force Unleashed for the Nintendo Wii. The controls are fun and the exclusive multiplayer addition is surprisingly entertaining, but this game is disappointingly ugly, especially when seen next to its big brother console versions. Environments are uninspired, gameplay is monotonous, game length is a paltry 6 hours, the camera is frustrating and even the much lauded story is confusing and anticlimactic. We've only unlocked one ending so far, so there is some replay value to be had in the main quest, but all we really have to do is replay the final level, so we opted not to save our progress.

A minor spoiler follows:


What I find particularly irritating is that I expected the multiple endings to tie into the over-all trilogy regardless of our decisions, but the ending we've unlocked so far MAKES NO LOGICAL SENSE within the established Star Wars universe. What the hell, LucasArts?


To be honest, every time I look at clips of the ps3 and 360 version of this game, I go green with envy. But something must really be broken with that game, because the Wii version has been consistently receiving higher marks.

So what's my verdict? Unless you're a die hard Star Wars geek, this game is the definition of a rental. Although, maybe if the Wii version kicks the ps3 and 360's ass in sales, we'll finally see the console get the resources and visuals it deserves. A sequel to this game with WiiMotion plus controls, updated graphics, and online multiplayer would be...



SuiginChou said...

Disappointed to hear it. :(

I held off on the purchase because as things stand now I have far too many books, television programs, and video games on backlog; and I knew that there was no danger of missing out on this game if I opted out of purchasing it in the first 4-8 weeks after its release; but still, I did not expect to hear this.

The bad news is, 6 hours!?!?!? The good news is, 6 hours! :D I am always on the look-out for good games that can be beaten in under 20 hours because of the above-mentioned backlog. As video games increasingly head towards the 50 hour norm, it's refreshing to see titles that can be "beaten" in a matter of 30 minutes (racing games' Grand Prix mode or fighting games' story mode) or really fully beaten in under 20 hours (Professor Layton, Fatal Frame 2, most fighters).

So while I may only end up renting this :( , the good news for me is that I should have plenty of time to beat it in a week-long rental period. An hour here, an hour there, 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday, and badda bing badda boom I'll have done it.

Mike said...

I found the 360 demo to be a poor man's Psi Ops. Now that's a good "let's give the character a ton of powers" game. You should pick it up, probably dirt cheap.

Have you played Bioshock? I rented that recently. Can't figure out why it got such high reviews.