Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gandalf Promises

Big things for Nintendo at this year's E3 conference? I certainly hope so.


SuiginChou said...

Gandalf lies.

Personally, I predict:
- they will announce, but not show off more than a worthless trailer for, the new Zelda game. It will still be one to two years away for Japan and at least two years away for the States. And it won't be impressive except to the hardliners.

- no new major Mario, Metroid, or Pokemon IPs will be showcased. Maybe Mario Tennis DS or Pokemon Pinball Wii or something, but nothing of real merit.

- they'll tell us more about that precision-enhancing add-on that we heard about at LAST YEAR'S E3 and still haven't seen. And just like last year, they'll lie to us about it "coming out soon" but no one will have one come August and, if history repeats itself, come May of next year. lol

- they won't show off the successor, if any, to the DS. It's still performing too well. I think the DS will be like the original GameBoy and enjoy a long tenure: much, much longer than the GameBoy Advance did.

- they may hint at a Wii successor, but they won't showcase ANYTHING. No promises of stats, hardware, cost, nothing. They may not even mention it at all. But if they do mention it, it'll only be that: a hollow promise of things yet to come.

- Reggie's pep squad will be louder but fewer at this year's E3 as, for the first time in five years, they will have to contend with a crowd that has exited its honeymoon phase with "the Regginator" and will demand serious answers to questions like, "Where the fuck is Fatal Frame 4, and why do you keep insisting Nintendo isn't the publisher for the game when it already was in Japan and Tecmo says you were to be the publisher for the US version, too!?"

In a nutshell, E3 2009 for Nintendo will have a lot in common with E3 2008 for Sony. A lot of pissed-off, tired, and/or jaded gamers who are tired of Nintendo's "kiss our asses, we already stole your money" attitude.

Jay said...

I hope not! I can say that the Motion + add-on is coming out in either June or July.