Friday, May 22, 2009

New Music Video -- My Dear Princess

I tried a couple different game intros, but my music seemed to line up best with the opening to Final Fantasy VIII.


Genesis8 said...

It fits really well with it. I like seeing your music with videos. It helps with picturing it with more movies.

Jay said...

Thanks! I want to try scoring a scene from something next. That's my next experiment.

fulleju said...

it was as if you had written this specifically for that. really nice sync. the mood was spot on.

SuiginChou said...

It was really spot on for the first half. Beat-wise it fit but emotion-wise I'm not sure it fit with the second half (from the part where Squall swordfights with that other guy).

This video reminds me that I need to play FF8. A lot of people hate it, but my good friend Aaron said it was his favorite, and I'm totally smitten with Rinoa and want to know, without somebody else telling me, whether she lives or dies 'cause of the awkward way she falls towards Squall at the end of the movie. Something I've managed to avoid for years, but I'm playing a dangerous game, I fear. lol

Do you know if FF8 is currently available for retail purchase for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, XBox 360, Wii, or PC? I know a long time ago it came out on PlayStation and PC, but I don't know that those can be purchased brand-new anymore. :\