Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Song -- My Dear Princess

Written in the style of an RPG love theme. What do you think?


fulleju said...

str -4
int +3
spi +5

use: confuses all enemies in 2 yd range.

Jay said...

Jay is confused!

Attack not very effective.

SuiginChou said...

It's very melancholic and (starting close to the 0:50 mark) full of hope ... as though the guy/girl (whoever it is that's feeling this song) can't get the girl/guy. Judging from the title, that'd be the guy, I guess.

It's like ... like the princess is already betrothed to somebody else. Or is in a deep sleep. Or is dying during the quest (like, slowly transforming into a dragon or a demoness or something), and yet our masculine hero falls in love with her.

Maybe I'm reading into it a bit too much. But that's the vibe I get. If you ever played Tales of Symphonia (?), I'd say that were Lloyd less immature and less unintelligent and were he not Colette's childhood sweetheart (a lot of suppositions there!!), then this song could be a perfect fit for Lloyd x Colette.

SuiginChou said...

I forgot to say: I liked it. Enough to want to have a copy. S'il te plaƮt?

SuiginChou said...

Three replies in a row (sorry!), but I wanted to share this with you in case I guessed right (that you'd be interested in seeing the anime version of Tales of Symphonia).

the page for the first four episodesthe news about the next batch of episodesNOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THIS TOTALLY-DIFFERENT GAME & ANIMEAlso, not to be confused with the game's spiritual sequel, ToS: Dawn of the New World which I've never played but have heard sort of retcons a lot of stuff from the first game which sounds unfavorable seeing as the first game, however simplistic and lengthy it was in its story, was charming and in need of no retconning.

Long story short: if you're interested, then ...
- remind me to get you these four episodes, and/or
- remind me to loan you the game for GameCube if you think you're up for the adventure (PERSONAL ADVICE: I wouldn't say it's worth it. It's a 50+ hour game but you can get almost all of the plot from less than 8 hours of beautiful anime movie footage.)

Sample of the anime here: Part 2 of 3 of Episode 1 of 4, this cuts past a rather slow opening that might have scared you off and shows you the basic gist of the plot: a girl is the Chosen One predestined since birth to save the world but a mysterious group of militant men are hellbent on killing her. Why would anyone want her dead when she's going to bring peace and happiness to the planet? (Basic plot point for the first half of the game. You then get the answer to that question, and the second half of the game is about trying to find a compromise.)

Jay said...


You should have 10 days to download the song from here:


I haven't tried it, so let me know if it works. Interesting about Tales of Symphonia. I was thinking of setting this song to an actual game cut scene or scenes.

Genesis8 said...

Love it man. Its totally a rpg love song. I really enjoy it. Thanks for allowing us to download it.

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