Thursday, February 21, 2008

Even More LOLz

I'm not even particularly a fan of Star Trek, but I found this ytmnd full of lol.


SuiginChou said...

That was one of my less favorite episodes of TNG. It felt wrong for the writer(s) to suggest that Dr. Soong took decades to create Data -- a highly-advanced yet imperfect android -- and that that same android could be capable of constructing his own superior android in under 2 years. The worst part of the episode (not depicted in that ytmnd) was how Lal developed emotions within weeks of her activation, something Data has taken years to do and whose progress (before the writers threw up their hands and just gave him the damn pre-constructed emotion chip) was painstakingly slow.


I think my two favorite parts of that ytmnd are:
1 - How Lal puts the moves on Riker, the Enterprise's notorious "ladies' man" and then Data says, "Commander! What are your intentions towards my daughter?" It's the sort of thing that only a robot with half-way developed emotions could pull off so well and I just love Riker's reaction.

2- hahaha @ Patrick Stewart. He always mispronounced stuff. "Lal" is how her name is spelled, and there are so many British people who can't help but read that the way Stewart did. (think "Gandhi")