Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Zombie Marathon Theme

Back at BU, I starred in a 16mm film about a Zombie who trains for the Boston Marathon, only to learn that the undead are not allowed in the competition.

I wrote a track for the Zombie's bitter disappointment, but I've since lost it. It wasn't anything particularly intricate (it follows my over-used musical pattern: A - variation on A - B - 2nd variation on A - Ending) but it has always stuck with me.

So I decided to re-write and re-arrange the theme song for your listening pleasure! ...okay, more like my own listening pleasure. I like the midi viola, so poo on naysayers. I'm also pretty happy with the 'second variation on A' Have a listen:

Zombie Marathon Theme (scroll down)


Mike said...

if i remember correctly there was a great trainer in that movie. he just smiled way too much.