Monday, February 11, 2008

RIP Scheider

Farewell Roy Scheider. Thanks for one of the greatest cinema experiences of all time.


SuiginChou said...

Shoulda been in more movies. As was pointed out to me a while back (I think it was J.J. Abrams in that TED Talk you linked us to), the best acting (and, for some, the best scenes in the movie) take place when the shark isn't on screen, like when Scheider's son is mimicking him at the dinner table. Only so much credit can be given to the scriptwriter and director at that point; I'm convinced a lot of what made Sheriff Brody real in that scene was Scheider's own talent for getting into Brody's shoes and asking himself how he'd feel of a man-eating shark was on the loose off the waters of the town he was raising his own boys in.

Do you know why Roy Scheider didn't do more stuff after Jaws? :\

Jay said...

Don't forget about Jaws 2! And I'm not sure if All That Jazz was before or after Jaws. Didn't have some tv series about a submarine or something.

Yeah, I'm not sure why his career tanked, but it kinda did.

Daniel said...

All that Jazz came after. He was also in Naked Lunch which was pretty out there in a great way. But yeah, for the most part, his best work was in the 70s. I just watched the car chase scene from Seven-ups, one of the best ever and it takes place on my parkway!

SuiginChou said...

I forgot about SeaQuest. But that show was a huge flop as I recall. I didn't enjoy watching it that much myself as a kid -- even with the talking dolphin. In fact, I think I remember disliking the persona the writers gave the dolphin. lol