Monday, February 4, 2008

Quite Interesting

In researching the amazing Stephen Fry, I've uncovered his new, amazing show: Qi

Have a look:


SuiginChou said...

I said to myself during the video, "Gosh, he looks and sounds just like Gordon from V for Vendetta! I wonder if he was the inspiration for Gordon's character?" For some reason, I placed Stephen Fry not as Gordon (who I now realize he actually is, having read your link to Wikipedia), but instead as a Gordon look-alike. Weird how the mind works like that -- getting so eerily close and yet still no cigar! lol

The woman on there showed up as a guest judge on Countdown during our trip to England in June 2007. We absolutely hated her. Or at least I did, and I think my hatred infected my sister and mom and they started to mildly dislike her, too. I dunno, I think she's just so unctuously nasal with her speech, she strikes me as the spitting image of a Victorian era self-declared sophisticate. And on Countdown, she wasted viewers' (and contestants'!) game time by reading her dumb, boring poetry during the breaks. They're normally supposed to last 30 seconds, but hers always ended up taking 2+ minutes, so she arguably cost some contestants the game by causing the show's directors to have to scrap the 2nd-to-last round each time she guest starred. It was horrible!

Countdown sampler just so you know what I'm talking about. The lady in your video was in the role of one of the two women with dictionaries you see in this video. Not an actual contestant.

Jay said...

I actually had the same impression of her, but after a few episodes, her humor started to come through and made her seem less and less stodgy.