Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Priest and the Buffoon

I don't know why I spent half of my day making this. But I did. So here we are.


SuiginChou said...

Right when I read the last cel, Jay, ... well, I think this speaks for itself.

On a somewhat unrelated topic, check out the lockers in that video! Do you agree with me that maybe this was filmed in Zionsville!? :O

que rediculo! said...

ha. you're lebron james but you air-ball free throws.

maybe you're thinking about it too much?

maybe it IS just simple.

Jay said...

I thought I was being all subversive. Then I finished the comic, looked at it, and realized "Shit, this is clean enough to print in the local Catholic newspaper!" (which I receive and read weekly)

I can't tell you how much of an effect Matt's conversion has had on me. And I can't tell you how utterly frustrating it is to read his newer blog posts and witness what seems like the deterioration of reason and aesthetic sense.

Maybe it's rubbing off on me? Ah-BA-zing!

que rediculo! said... did you happen to make religion-bashing non-subversive?

now that's talent!

i do like the lettering of "Buffoon" however...very nice job there.

Jay said...

lol thanks... the font name is "Joker" Who'd-a thunk???

SuiginChou said...

It is as nice as a comic produced by an atheist Rod & Tod would be, isn't it?

I don't read Matt's blog too often since it's 95% on Catholicity, but I do check it for updates every two weeks or so, and I haven't seen anything that hearkens of "deterioration of science." Plenty of people have been very religious but also very scientific-minded and accepting of scientific theories, and I see nothing on his weblog to suggest that he isn't in that group.

I would agree that his entries show a disregard for certain elements of logic -- but it is a personal opinion that he (politely, respectfully) disagrees with and (I presume -- my words, not his) he feels in turn regarding us. That's one of the things I hate most about theologic arguments -- that both parties feel that the other party "just isn't getting it," "is missing the point," "isn't being rational," etc. As certain as you or I may be that he's turning a blind eye to some pretty jarring and obvious logical blunders (e.g. in the most recent update about how evil can exist in a world created by an all-loving creator), I have no doubt that he is just as certain -- and just as frustrated, as our friend! -- that we turn a blind eye to jarring and obvious blunders which he perceives.

That's why I feel frustrated, in general, with religious discussions these days. It feels like any argument the theist throws at the atheist can be thrown right back at him and vice versa, like a never-ending game of Hot Potato.

In closing, I dislike speaking of Matt as a 3rd-party "he." I write this liking to think that Matt is reading it, and hoping he would comment on it. I would prefer, if his conversion has had as jarring an effect on you as you profess -- and none of us here doubt that, Jay! Just so you know, it's pretty damn obvious -- then the two of you should probably try to have a tête-à-tête some time. I dunno. Don't do it if you're not willing to hear him out -- if you'd only do it in order to "convert him back." If I were in Matt's shoes, I'd have none of that -- it's insulting. A discussion, on the other hand, particularly of your own personal frustrations (i.e. putting the burden of problems on you, not on him), would be a better thing.

que rediculo! said...

"...a never ending game of hot potato."

Now that is probably the smartest thing i've read about the science-religion discussion since, well, Kant's transcendental dialectic--which is just a fancy way of saying "...a never ending game of hot potato."

why sit around flinging hot potatos at one another when you can just eat it.

::drools:: potatoes....