Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Freethinking and Science!

If you have access to my facebook profile, you may or may not know that I list my religious view thusly: Science! I think the Stephen Jay Gould position of nonoverlapping magisteria, a very popular opinion among theists and nontheists alike, is not entirely correct. I believe in a philosophy of science, one in which morality can come under the scrutiny of rational thought, study and experimentation. Ethics and morals are not only studied by science, but they can also be weened from science.

Recently, I was thinking of changing my religious listing to "Freethinker," chiefly so that I might follow in the footsteps of other great American freethinkers like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln (not to mention my favorite Brit, Charles Darwin).

But Brian Greene's terrific New York Times editorial, "Put a Little Science in your Life," has convinced me to proudly and excitedly keep Science! as my primary spiritual affiliation.


Genesis8 said...

I love Science. I like that New York Times story. I know I can't go a day without watching the Science channel now.