Sunday, June 22, 2008

John Adams Miniseries

I've watched 6 parts of the 7 part HBO miniseries John Adams and I must admit, I am captivated by the story of the man, one of my ancestors as I understand it, and our nation's founding. The history becomes absolutely vivid and alive in this production. I have a few gripes; for instance, the director abuses the use of hand held shots, the sound designer awkwardly uses the sound of flies in nearly every scene, the romantic "talky" scenes between Abigail and Adams are exasperating (I hate romance), and Benjamin Franklin feels under-utilized --he steals every scene! (Give me a Franklin miniseries, please!)

Otherwise, John Adams should be required viewing for every school child. It would do this nation good to reflect more deeply on the prudence of our forefathers as regards politics, war, and even religion.


Jay said...

Here's a scene with Franklin.