Monday, June 9, 2008

Retro Gaming

Sam and I discovered a new local used video game retailer called PlayNTrade. The selection is not so great, (McVans is superior) but there are a couple of good deals to be found. So far, we've purchased:

Medal of Honor (Playstation) $2.99

NHL 2K (Dreamcast) $.99

Blast Corps (N64) $4.99

Sam is on the prowl for Pokemon Fire Red at $20 or less. Let me know if you have a hot tip.


Genesis8 said...

I want to come over and play that NHL game. Looks like fun.

SuiginChou said...

Why does he need it for $20 or less? I think most stores would happily "sell it" (read: cut their losses) to Sam for an asking price. You should encourage him to ask a Gamestop/EB Games/Best Buy/[insert store] clerk to ask for their manager and to politely persuade the manager that this game is never going to clear the shelf at this point. It sold poorer than Nintendo had hoped in the first place and it's been, what? 3½ years since it came out? not to mention it's officially been outclassed in terms of "newest game of the series" BOTH by Pokemon Emerald (still 3rd gen, it's so old!) and by Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (4th Gen). Any level-headed manager will agree and will either politely tell Sam "Sorry, can't -- my hands are tied" or "You make a very good point. How does $15 sound?"

Mike said...

Blast Corps is amazing! I used to love playing that game on my friend's N64.