Sunday, June 29, 2008

Retro Gaming Part IV -- Epic Win

And the collection grows at an astounding pace...

Original NES + 3 Controllers + 18 Games = $40

The Legend of Zelda

Super Mario 3

Super Mario bros/Duck Hunt/Track Meet

(2X) Super Mario/Duck Hunt

Double Dragon II

Excite Bike

Blades of Steel


Road Blasters

Home Alone 2


Super Contra

Wheel of Fortune


Bases Loaded II

A Boy and His Blob


Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

Taz-Mania (SNES) $2

Ahh Real Monsters (SNES) $2

Super Ghouls and Ghosts (SNES) $3

Turtles in Time (SNES) $17

Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis) $6

Altered Beast (Genesis) $3


SuiginChou said...

To each his own. Of the games I see I would have wanted these as a kid (when they were current):
- Mario 3
- Mario 1 (owned)
- Punch-Out!
- Turtles in Time
- Sonic the Hedgehog

I ended up getting Mario 3 via Super Mario All-Stars with my Christmas 1994 SNES bundle pack.

I also got my Sonic itch scratched by the excellent Sonic the Hedgehog Advance (1) for the GameBoy Advance. That game has some of the best stage design I have ever seen in a Sonic game, allowing players to beat some stages in as many as three unique routes (whereby "unique" I mean you see very little of the other routes other than when intersecting them temporarily), not to mention it had so many areas players could go goof in if they were playing the game for the platformer (as I always did as a child and continue to do as an adult) rather than for the "official" motivation of fastest-time completion.

If your family does not own either of those titles, I suggest pursue those in the near future. All-Stars especially because it's Mario 1, USA-2, JP-2, and 3 with zero cons and two major gains: (1) you can save your progress per stage completed and (2) the graphics are quite pretty (although nostalgia sways me into preferring NES 1's and NES 3's).

Genesis8 said...

I really want to play the blob and Real Monsters game. that looks sweet.

que rediculo! said...

Altered Beasts was a horrible game. Just a little heads up there in case anyone was interested in buying it.