Friday, March 20, 2009

Everything You'd Ever Want to Know About Cat Communication. Ever.


I have "conversations" with my cat all the time, mewing back and forth. She seems to like it. As for opening a door, however, she sits on her hind legs and rubs the door with her paws until someone opens it for her.


SuiginChou said...

The chart is totally wrong.

(1) The bottom-left picture is when our cat is most aggressive period, to hell with trying to determine whether she's acting out of fear (which'd be the bottom-right corner) or not (which'd be the top-right corner), the point is it's the only time she hisses, claws, bites, or yowls.

(2) Our cat turns her ears back ALL THE TIME. It's called "listening to what's behind you without turning around." -_-; Afaik it's got nothing to do with kitty-kat aggression, and it's definitely a poor indicator for our cat.

[/as Sean might say, "I'm passing my own experiences off for the universal rule"]

Jay said...

hm, I didn't even notice, but you're right, the chart is totally backwards.