Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mr. Bigshot Hollywood Guy

Well, no sooner do I leave my job with Blockbuster and I'm offered a position as a production assistant on a feature length film being shot in downtown Indianapolis. (a paid job, no less!)

Details are still a little sparse. I'll be working with Adrenaline Motion Pictures for four weeks starting around April 9th. I'm excited.

You see? Open yourself to the universe, and the universe provides.


SuiginChou said...

Excellent. [/Burns]

Mack Ramer said...

Congratulations. What does a Production Assistant do?

Jay said...

Basically...an on set bitch. lol I'll probably be holding a boom mic or setting up and tearing down lights.

Genesis8 said...

Sweet man. I know that company. They are really nice. The main producer was a speaker one time and I talk to him. He seemed to be a really cool, understand guy. I think you will have a lot of fun.

P.S. Yeah man. We need to hang out.