Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How NOT to Add Subtitles:


SuiginChou said...

That has to be an image macro.

I mean, I can't believe someone would be that retarded. Anyone who insists on keeping 計画 in the original Japanese and adding a TL note up top defining it is an amateur translator AND (mark my words) a beginner in Japanese. I'm pretty sure we learned the word 計画 in 201, i.e. 3rd semester of Japanese (out of 6 I sat and 8 offered at Purdue). I'm 99.9% positive that both 計 and 画 are characters that Japanese children learn how to write in Grade 2 (Grade 1 being when they first learn kanji like 田 or 中.)

Please tell me this is not someone's actual sub job for Death Note. If it is, and you're watching their subs ...... delete it and try again elsewhere. This is a big red flag warning you that mistranslations will be plentiful in this team's work.

fulleju said...

what's the context for this screen grab?

SuiginChou said...

Context for the screen capture: Death Note is a story about a young man who picks up a death god's notebook and learns rather quickly that he has the power to kill anybody in the world just by writing their name down in the book. I've never seen the show or read the comics, so I don't know more than this. I couldn't tell you the SPECIFIC context of this scene.

Context of the meme, part 1: "according to plan" or "just according to plan" was a meme in 4chan-influenced internet communities several years ago.

Context of the meme, part 2 (PURE SUPPOSITION): Keikaku is one of the few Japanese words which many non-Japanese-speaking fans of hentai know (and many of these people are members of 4chan or its associated communities) because of a famous hentai comic titled Mikaeru Keikaku and often translated as "Michael Keikaku" rather than as "Plan Michael" or "The Michael Plan." No idea why.