Saturday, March 28, 2009

Retro Gaming Part VII: Vlog Edition


SuiginChou said...

"For 99¢, you couldn't go wrong." But just think! If you saved up all those ninety-nine centses, you could have a billion dollars! [/childlike argument] In all seriousness, there are some games I wouldn't even spend a dollar on. :)

The Roger Rabbit find is pretty good precisely because it's such a god-awful game. I think the AngryVideoGameNerd (née AngryNintendoNerd) has made a lot of the shitty games he's blogged about more popular amongst the more laid-back video game collector crowd, so in that sense, you're probably the envy of many for managing to even find the game. ;) :)

As for Kirby's DreamLand 2, that one really came out of left field for me. Pretty much because I owned that game (as well as the original) for GameBoy and so did all of my best friends at daycare. I remember in the summer of '94 (or some time around then) we used to have these stenopads that the daycare made us doodle in during a certain part of the day, and I'd draw evil versions of the Kirby 2 animals. Like, Coo became something like "Ooc" and Kine became something like "Enik," you can imagine, some childish idea of like "a mirror universe in which the Kirby team are the bad guys." I still have very fond memories of the game, and it certainly is a challenging title if you're playing for completion (e.g. all of the stars per stage, all seven of the hidden dream capsules or whatever they're called, and fully defeating the game's end-boss in his hardest of hard modes), but if you're just playing in order to beat the game (e.g. beating the end-boss in his standard mode), then I really don't think it's something a small child couldn't handle. I mean, keep it in perspective, Jay: a 10-year old boy and his friends could beat the game in Hard Mode (rarely) and Standard Mode (all the time), so if you keep at it I'm sure you'll be able to, too, if you haven't already. 頑張って! (Hang in there!) :)

Plusses about this vlog: the sfx
Cons about this vlog: the sfx sometimes went on for too long and consequently drowned out your quiet speaking; had to watch it for 5 minutes but could have read it in much less.