Monday, July 6, 2009

Extreme Meets Real Ghostbusters

I used to give Extreme Ghostbusters a lot of flak. The art style is too gothic, the new technology is too unfamiliar, and the characters are an obvious attempt to be politically correct. I mean, their heart is in the right place, but a Puerto Rican Ghostbuster, a Goth girl, a nerdy African American AND a paraplegic? That's a bit much.

But after recently watching a couple of episodes, my criticisms have softened. It's obvious that the show writers have a lot of respect for the original Ghostbusters series, beit through the reappearance of old storylines or references to old characters. Nowhere is this more evident than in the two episode special "Back in the Saddle" which reunites the now aged original Ghostbusters. I love the details, from the updated character designs, the use of the old proton packs, to the return of the original voice actors. The episode is worth a peek for any self-proclaimed Ghostbusters fan, not to mention it likely shares a lot in common with the forthcoming Ghostbusters 3 movie.


SuiginChou said...

Forthcoming say what now?

(a) I thought the game was Film #3.
(b) I thought you found the game's plot atrocious. Which would mean that even if there is going to be a third film for the cinemas that it is going to be poorly-written in your opinion.

Please do explain. :o

Jay said...

?? Ghostbusters 3 is currently being written by two writers who work on the American version of The Office. The original cast (including Bill Murray!) has expressed interest in returning to the series. Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis have said that the storyline will most probably be about handing the torch off to a younger generation of Ghostbusters (ie very much like Extreme Ghostbusters) and if there aren't any hitches in the pre-production, they'll likely start shooting this winter.

Where have you been!?! :)

Jay said...

You're right though, originally, Ghostbusters the Game was (and still kind of is) being hailed by the creators as Ghostbusters 3. Which I guess would make this new one Ghostbusters 4. But I doubt they'll stick to that chronology. Supposedly the actors sort of changed their minds on doing a movie after doing the voice work and re-falling in love with their characters.

Akroyd has always wanted to do a third movie though. In fact, he also wrote a Ghostbusters 3 script, which you can find online, about the Ghostbusters crossing over to a hellish version of Manhattan and confronting the devil (it's quite bad)

Jay said...

Hm, apparently it's *Aykroyd

Here's Bill talking about GB3 (and dumping on GB2)

And here's a script review of Aykroyd's original attempt