Friday, July 31, 2009

Museum of Stupid

I'm thinking very seriously about joining the horde that is about to descend on Ken Ham's ode to ignorance, the Creation Museum, on Friday, August 7th. It's only 2 hours away in Kentucky and I'll get the chance to meet teh internet's most feared blogger, PZ Myers, along with 250 students, teachers, scientists, and freethinkers. If I register with the Secular Student Alliance before August 5th, I can even get a group discount ticket priced at $10.

Sounds like a great, fun experience and a chance to meet some funny, intelligent people. How in the world can I resist?

Would any of my friends be interested in making the trek with me?


Genesis8 said...

I wish I could buddy. Its a little far for me, but I will be there in spirit. You will have to tell me how it was. I think you should go. :-)

Jay said...

Aw I knew you'd be up for it. Why'd you leave me! :(