Thursday, July 16, 2009

Round on the Ends, Hi in the Middle

I'm prepping for a long road trip to my birth city, Cleveland Ohio, tomorrow to meet up with family and friends from college. I'm planning on leaving this cumbersome laptop at home and therefore disconnecting myself from all the lovely internet temptations. Expect the blog to go dormant for a little while (more so than usual).

Of course, I'll still have my ipod to check emails and my favorite sites. I mean, I'm not about to go Amish on this trip.

Wish me luck! Driving is almost always a nerve wracking and terrifying experience for me and it seems I can't find my gps so there's a good chance I'll get lost. Here's hoping I make it there and back again!


SuiginChou said...

You will be fine. And you should be bold and leave the iPod home. ;D

Mine broke in the wash. :(

fulleju said...

Bring you laptop! I have hi speed wifi!

Genesis8 said...

Have fun. I love Ohio.

If your up to it you should get on I-70 and 6 hours later you will be in Maryland. I'm just saying there is a place here where a really cool kid lives. :-) Have fun with the family and friends.

Also if your wanting to party you should totally go looking for the Amish. They really know how to party.