Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jurassic Park Musical Legacy Lives On

When I was young, I devoured everything Jurassic Park. I read the books and watched the films countless times. The soundtrack to Jurassic Park was one of the very first CDs I ever owned and the Jurassic Park theme was one of the first songs I taught myself to play on the piano. John Williams's work has probably affected my musical sensibilities more than any other musician or composer in existence. So it should not be surprising that every time I hear that memorable score I'm hit with a reverberating twang of deep seated nostalgia.

The power of that music still manages to move me, even when the compositional reins have changed hands. Yes, I own Don Davis's admirable but ultimately disappointing score to Jurassic Park 3. Yes, I tracked down Michael Giacchino's catchy soundtrack to the Lost World video game. And yet, despite my fervor, I've somehow managed to miss out on Stephan Schütze's wonderfully romantic orchestral score to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

Well thankfully I have cast off my ignorance and seen the light! Jurassic Park lovers should listen carefully. Schütze lovingly references all of the major themes while taking them in new directions. Honestly, this kind of writing is like ear candy to me. My favorite track is probably "Welcome" which I've embedded below.


But there's much more where that comes from. The uploader has also graciously provided links to download the tracks for free in the movie description boxes. Take advantage of it while you still can!