Thursday, August 21, 2008

Featured Doodle -- The Rocker

So I was a little bored at work and I noticed a poster for the upcoming movie "The Rocker" lying on the ground next to me. I decided to sketch it. Not too shabby, I'd say.


For comparison:



SuiginChou said...

The child, ugly. Your doodle, not at all (minus the fact that it captures the ugliness of an already-ugly child ;p). Nice job! :) A little "If you've seen this man, call the Indianapolis Police Department" for me ;p but still ... it looks professional!! You did a great job all around -- hair, nose, eyes, head-shape, everything. I especially like the hair though. I can never draw hair!

Lauren said...

Memories of Drawing III are flooding back to me...This is very nice! I love work doodles. I need to start drawing with an actual pencil and paper again..

fulleju said...

good hair!

Jay said...

I always save hair until the end because it's my favorite to draw.

fulleju said...

it reminds me of the opening credits for some 80's sitcom like Family Ties or what was that one with that guy Alan Thicke? It had that blonde kid and that guy whose little sister was the older sister on full house.

oh yeah, Growing Pains. it was Growing Pains. Your doodle reminds me of Growing Pains.

Jay said...

Yay? Actually, the doodle is disturbingly similar to how I looked when I was the same age, glasses and everything. If I can track down the photo, I'll have to post it.